The four friends greedily drank every last drop of the concoction, before suddenly turning back into their old wrinkled selves after a few moments of delirious giddiness. Before they had returned to their previous age, the four were ecstatic and very elated to see themselves as young people again. They were dancing and complementing themselves in a mirror for quite some time before the brew had run its course, ending the merriment. They immediately went looking for the source of this "fountain of youth" and are rumored to still there to this day.

This short tale very accurately describes the writing habits of those who are very anti-transcendentalist, meaning they support anti-transcendentalist views and opinions. For example, the four friends showed the human balls nature to be greedy by hastily agreeing to drink the anti-aging liquid, and selfish by not wanting to share their discovery with the world. They were also very vain by the authors point of view, admiring themselves in such a way that was disagreeable to the author.